New installation of (2) 20000 gallon Diesel, (1) 20000 gallon Regular Unleaded, (1) 12000 gallon Diesel, (1) 10000 gallon Diesel Exhaust Fluid, (1) 8000 gallon Premium Unleaded, and (1) 4000 gallon E85 double walled underground storage tanks. The Auto Fueling area included (8) fueling dispensers. The Diesel Fueling area included (5) fueling dispensers. Franklin Fueling UPP double walled product lines were installed as well as single walled fiberglass vent lines. A DEF-Trac Diesel Exhaust Fluid line was also installed out to each diesel lane.

The biggest challenge on this project was the installation of a large ClearSpan Slide Rail System required due to the depth of the excavation and the subsurface soils.


Speedway Milwaukee, WI